Sunday, March 08, 2009

Saturday Night Lights & Tunes

uess where we were last night?

Thanks to my Mum's colleague; who got us 2 free tix to the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 《新加坡e乐大赏》, we were able to spend our saturday night enjoying some pretty neat live performances @ Marina Bay Floating Platform Grandstand.
The view from the the Marina Bay Grandstand was spectacular - yes, even with the ongoing construction for the IR Project by the side.

The Singapore Entertainment Awards is to honour some of the best talents in Singapore & Asia's Chinese entertainment scenes. And even thou I wasn't all too familiar with the updated Mando Pop, I was pleased to be still able to recognise some of the numbers being performed.

Various Local Artistes
(Incluing Olivia Ong; bottom right pix, performing her famous number from the drama series-The Little Nonya, 如燕)

JJ 林俊杰

(Didn't think he was that awesome a singer till last night's performance! Powerful voice + excellent showmanship)

Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿
(Powerful voice as we all already recognised...and a surprisingly humble character)

Overseas Talents Who Came . . .

Raymond Lam 林峰 (HK)
(Wouldn't have known him if I had not come back to Singas & got hooked on 家好月圓...the crowd went ga-ga over him btw... & he didn't even sing -___-)

Show Luo 罗志祥 (TW)
(Okay, when THIS dude stepped out, practically the entire grandstand stood up just so they could get a better view of him...WHAT?!)

All in all, the show was quite a blast!
Great work SPH!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Got The 'FEEL' Again

I'm sitting in my garden, sipping on a hot cup of skim milk w/ a spoonful of Meiji Amino Collagen as I blog for the first time in 4mths. Since my return to Singas, I haven't exactly found the time or 'feel' to blog till today... and lemme tell you why.

Early this morning @ 06:30, as I took my usual route to the stadium for my morning run (yes, I've been running regularly cos I promised myself to look and feel gorgeous by the time I hit 30 ... current target is to achieve 4km in 25mins), I came across a pile of doggie poo along the pavement. Now, this aint a common sight in Singas, but it is hellava common in the streets of Beirut (no offence)! Immediately I thought of the 'challenging' route from my apartment in Hamra to the laundromat I patronised. And that was what gave me the inspiration to finally start blogging again after so long! DOG POO! Funny eh?! *hahaha*

Well, enough of poo for now and off to more updates on what I've been up to since I'm back.

Job hunt hasn't been easy as you all might have read from the news/ experienced (touchwood) the economic slowdown. But no worries, I'm taking it all in good faith and a lotta patience. I believe something bright will come along my way as long as I keep looking.

So meanwhile I've been keeping myself busy with keeping fit-something which I probably won't have the luxury to indulge in if I were to commit myself in a busy career . . . and of cos a bit of partying, travelling and simply lounging with friends.

>> Multiple Birthdays Spent Over 5mths <<

>> Travelling Within Asia <<

>> Simply Enjoying Each Other's Company <<

Till the next time I get yet another 'feel' . . . take care & have fun!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today I Turn A Year Wiser

I know it has been ages since I updated my blog.

Been swarmed with loads of activities since I returned to Singas...loads of pictures to share too...but haven't quite sorted them out yet ...*heh* (will post them up as soon as I get my lazy a*s to do it)

So here's what I've been busy with:
> Celebrate Dad's big 60
> Catch up w/ old friends
> Short getaways
> Job search
... and of cos ...

Truly's Birthday Celebrations!!!
(^ ^)v
More on that soon !!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Return To Good Ol' Singas

A week has passed since I got back to my hometown - Singapore.

Beirut International Airport

Me Before Entering Immigration @ Beirut Airport

G Making His Final Purchase Of Al Rifai Roasted Nuts @ Beirut Airport Duty Free

The flight from Beirut to Singapore via Emirates was an enjoyable one.

We upgraded ourselves to business class for both legs; Beirut to Dubai & Dubai to Singapore.

And much to our delight, we were once again upgraded to first class for the second leg of our flight from Dubai to Singapore. :)

This is my very first time travelling on business & first class.
Now I curse the management who said there is not much difference between business & economy class except the size of the seats. Bunch of liars!

Now, business class I can give taking pix a miss.
But first class, how can I not take any pix!!! *hahaha*

Emirates (Boeing 777) First Class Seats-Seat 2D

Yes, u saw it right! There's a mini-bar next to each and every first class seats.

The sliver/black thingy next to the mini-bar is the hand-held controller that enables one to personalise the experience from selecting a movie to adjusting the seats (which are sleeper seats btw, which allows one to fully recline) and also selecting the massage feature on the seats! :))

Now, are you ready to see the huge-ass tv monitor!??!?!?!
A 19-inch flat screen monitor equipped w/ noise cancelling headphones that are also huge-ass btw! *WOOT*

What a great way to start the end of our stint in MENA!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's The Day - Bye Beirut, Singas Here I Come!

In approximately 12hrs, I'm leaving Beirut (FOR GOOD)!

Same time tomorrow, I will arrive @ Changi Airport in Singapore.

Boy! I can still remember the day I left Singas for MENA back in 30-10-2006.

Almost 2 yrs now...

// 2 yrs back //

Time to con't packing!

See ya back in gd old Singas!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

TOW The New Ball & My New Bling

SOMETHING & I are into our final 3 days in Beirut. And things have never been busier around here. We've got prepaid gym coupons to complete, finances to settle, places to visit and of cos, last min shopping to do.

wanted to get more books before he returns to SIN cos it's a whole lot cheaper here. And I had a list of stuffs to get also cos it's a whole lot cheaper here; from medication, to PJs from La Senza, to new blings to pimp my naval.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I was in search of a replacement "Ball" for my pretty turquoise barbell and probably a new naval jewellery.

I've walked pass this particular shop (situated between Hamra & Bliss Street) that sells all sorta jewellery for body piercings several times in the past, but have never found a reason to walk in till today.

I found a perfect ball to match the gem on my barbell! (For only 5,000LL equivalent to 3USD)

The Barbell Is Whole Again!


This crazily pretty pink dangling Ys naval bling !
(For only 20,000LL equivalent to 13USD)

I'm so in luv w/ it right now!!!

Ladies, tell me u don't totally heart it?!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

TOW 9 Boxes & The Lost 'Ball'

There were many things that had to be done as we approach our last couple of days in Beirut.

It's pretty unbelievable how much nonsense we can accumulate in our small apartment since we moved in back in late Feb. But of cos, most of the stuffs were what we already had for the past 1 yr living in Algeria.

On 11/9 (Thu), we had initially planned to set aside 4~5hrs to pack & get our stuffs ready for the packers who were coming on 12/9 (Fri) morning. Turns out, we spent close to the entire day [11am~6pm] sorting out our stuffs and had to give all the other things we had planned to do a miss!

When the packers finally came on Fri morning, it took them less than an hr to pack all our belongings like clothes, kitchen appliances, entertainment appliances, shoes, etc.

Finally! A load off our minds!

A total of 9 boxes for all our personal effects

On a totally different topic...

So here I was, all bubbly & happily taking candid shots & video clips of SOMETHING as we got ready to head out for dinner & movie w/ Salim @ Verdun yesterday evening (13/9).

Later did I realise as I was taking a shower when I got home @ 2am, that the ball on my barbell has gone missing!

!!! ROAR !!!

My pretty barbell w/o its ball
I wasn't able to find it anywhere in the apartment... so I suspect I must have lost it while I was trying on some clothes @ MNG earlier that evening.


This is the 2nd time I lost the ball on my barbell since I first got my naval pierced in Brisbane back in 2001.

This might just be the perfect excuse to shop for a new naval jewellery. Hmm... so my first barbell was one with a red gem, followed by this turquoise one...what colour should I get next? Maybe one with a real diamond? *blink BLING*